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Standard Puller – Dog Agility Training Fetch Ring


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The Puller by WAUDOG is an innovative in-house developed agility ring designed to help you and your dog stay active and healthy.
In has been purposely developed to train each muscle in your pet’s body and to create a strong bond with your furry friend.

It comes in four different sizes to help you choose the right one for any breed.

IMPORTANT – Always use TWO Pullers when you play with your dog!
Watch our tutorial video for more details!

Puller can:
– Fly
– Jump
– Roll
– Float

Multifunctional dog training at its best!
– Teaches how to bite correctly
– Improves dog’s coordination
– Provides intense physical activity
– Develops pet’s muscle frame 

Puller is not just a simple training ring:
– It increases play drive
– Offers different games
– Keeps dog’s focus through the training process
– Eliminates the need for treats

The Puller is made of truly unique patented material!
– Lightweight
– Flexible and malleable
– Safe for teeth, gums, and jaws
– Non-toxic