IDC® Powair Breathable Harness


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Breathable Dog Harness For All Seasons

The IDC® Powair Breathable harness is the lightweight version of our massively popular IDC® Powerharness.

Made from a special breathable mesh fabric, the IDC® Powair is lightweight, ventilates extremely well, and provides a comfortable fit for your dog on the warmest days of the summer.

A water-retaining sponge is in the lining of Powair sizes Small and above, and allows you to get the harness wet to quickly cool down your pet. The harness will also dry very fast after use. Larger sizes of the IDC® Powair summer harnesses are also equipped with a handle to allow more control.


Harness Features:

Made from lightweight and breathable fabric
Ideal for All Seasons and Active Dogs ( Light weight ) and hot weather use
Water retaining sponge lining that absorbs water to help cool down your dog – sizes Small (S) and above only
Quick drying material designed for the water
Control handle – sizes Extra Small (XS) and above only
Suitable For Water

The IDC® Powair harness has been developed for versatile summer use. On hot summer days some dogs love the water, so on harnesses sized Small (S) and above, a water-retaining sponge is woven into the lining. Once wet this sponge retains water to help keep your dog cooler for longer.

The lightweight fabric has been designed to get wet and so is also quick drying.

If your pet loves the water, see our wide range of dog swimming accessories / Life Jackets .

Guaranteed Quality

A well fitting harness is important for your dog’s safety and comfort. For a full sizing chart and information on how to measure your dog for a correct fit, please see our dog harness measuring guide.

Design Note: Due to size restrictions on smaller IDC® Powair harnesses 3XS, 2XS the water-retaining lining and control handle are not included .

Guaranteed Quality

Here at Julius-K9® we’re proud of our products and every one of our dog harnesses are thoroughly tested to ensure they are extremely durable. That’s why we are the trusted brand of professional dog handlers, trainers, and pet owners alike all across Europe.
Harness Sizing and Weight Overview

3XS – Chest: 29 – 36 cm / 11.5 – 14 in | Weight: 0.8 – 3 kg / 1.7 – 6.6 lbs

2XS – Chest: 33 – 45 cm / 13 – 17.5 in | Weight: 2 – 5 kg / 4.4 – 11 lbs

XS – Chest: 40 – 53 cm / 15.5 – 20.5 in | Weight: 4 – 7 kg / 8.8 – 15.4 lbs

Small (S) – Chest: 49 – 67 cm / 20 – 26.5 in | Weight: 7 – 15 kg / 15.4 – 33 lbs

Medium (M) – Chest: 58 – 78 cm / 23 – 30 in – Weight: 14 – 25 kg / 30.8 – 55.1 lbs

Large (L) – Chest: 63 – 85 cm / 26 – 33.5 in – Weight: 23 – 30 kg / 50.7 – 66.1 lbs

XL – Chest: 71 – 96 cm / 28 – 37.5 in – Weight: 28 – 40 kg / 61.7 – 88.1 lbs

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