Back on Track Nella Jacket


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Perfect for Everyday adventures. Keep this rug handy year round.

Nella has a design that provides outstanding motion for the front legs. This model suits dogs with a low set tail as it covers a large part of the tail to keep it warm. This can be helpful against and prevent problems such as water tail in cold weather and after water work.

The coat is easy to put on and adjust with a buckle on the back. Hook and loop fastening on the sides ensure that it stays in place without twisting. The coat has a water and wind-repellent surface, and a well-shaped collar with a drawstring to keep rain and snow out.

The inside has an Iontex®-infused lining to stimulate blood circulation. This can help the dog maintain an optimal temperature and keep the muscles flexible in all weather. This makes Nella the perfect coat for everyday adventures!

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