Pull-A-Partz Sushi


“Sushi me rollin’…” Rolling isn’t the only thing your cat will be doing when they get their paws on this adorable bento-themed toy. With 4 removable pieces, this toy engages multiple senses. Filled with catnip and crinkly fabric, your cat is in for a ‘raw’ enrichment experience. Watch them activate those killer instincts as they pounce, paw, pull, and kick their way to a happier self! 

Lamb Cat Toy


‘Kitty has a little lamb, little lamb….’ The lamb may be little, but the fun will be big! Whether its snuggles or play, the lamb is here either way! Soft fabric and irrisistable rope for chewing, this lamb is made for more than just its looks. And let’s not forget this toy includes a hidden velcro pouch, that’s perfect for catnip, or treats, whatever floats your goat, or in this case, sheep! 


Kong Kickaroo Mouse


‘Bat’ your cats way to better play! This spook-tacular toy is designed to engage in the kicking behaviour that promotes the strong and healthy kitty we all desire. From the feathery tail, to the crinkles and ‘nip’ this toy is all treat with none of the tricks! 

Combo Critters


Is it a mouse or a rat? Who cares! Either way this rascally rodent is ready to play! The big body invites all the wrestling, kicking and biting you could hope for! Don’t let this silly face fool you, this critter has a secret.. a hidden pouch filled with all the catnip goodness youd expect to find when you see eyes that wide! 


Get Naked Biteables


Looking for a puuurrfect soft, low calorie treat for your clever kitty? We’ve got you covered! Is it the chicken or the tuna that makes these treats so irrisistable? We don’t know, but the soft texture doesn’t hurt either! Great for food toys, training, or just the daily ‘I love you’ treat, this probiotic pack treat will get the job done! 


Greenies Savory Salmon


‘Feline’ generous? This is the treat that keeps on giving. While your cat happily ‘meows’ down on this delisoulsy crunchy treat, you can keep the health benifits to yourself! The crunchy texture is designed to keep your kittys teeth healthy and fresh, while also benifiting the rest of their body because they are packed with a variety of virtimins, minerals and other nutrients important for keeping your cat happy and healthy!