Yeti Puff & Play


While the Yeti may be mysterious and illusive, your dog’s reaction to this toy will be anything but! This innovative toy is a perfect, long lasting, low calorie option to add to your dogs enrichment routine.

Simply add the cheese nugget to your Yeti and microwave for 60 seconds. And watch the magic happen! The newly puffed yak cheese, creates a challenge an exciting texture adventure for your dog to work through. Not to mention a new way to finish off ends of your dogs chews that you might otherwise have to throw out!  

For some added fun, once the toy is prepped and puffed, hide the toy in a location msubtable to their skill level. Allow your Clever Canine to puzzle out the location of the toy. Depending on the dog, this is best done after they have played with this toy once or twice.  



 Roasted Turkey 


This Thanksgiving, treat your dog to their own turkey, packed to the brim with your dogs favorite ‘stuffing.’ With durable rubber, this toy was made to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers. With si many ways to use it, this toy is sure to be your dogs new favorite, no matter that time of the year it is. 

First Idea: Quiet time during back to school or fesrivity prep. Use the turkey like you would a Kong! Fill with wet food, yogurt, peanut butter, or any of your dog’s favourite lickable treats! Add additional treats as an extra bonus while they work their way through the snack.

Second Idea: Want to stay warm and toasty instead of your usual chilly walk? Use your turkey like a chew holder, treat-dispensing toy or both! Fill with your dog’s kibble or other small treats. The toothed opening is designed to help retain treats, increasing the challenge of accessing the goodies inside! Using a variety of treat sizes and textures will make this a fun and unpredictable game! 

Third Use: Use like a chew toy with pullout pieces. For some dogs the act of ripping something apart is one of the best things in the world! Pack the turkey with strips of fabric and hard treats. Give it to your dog and watch them combine their brute and brains to get out every last treat! 


Plush Turkey Toy


This Turkey may be decapitated, but your dog might just be the one running around like his head has been cut off! Like a thanksgiving dinner you come for the Turkey, but stay for the sides. Once the feast has begun, you’ll find a rope toy and ball that can be played with long after the meal is finished. 

Ways to Play: Flash back to ‘Friends,’ and get ready for an adorable photo op when you teach your canine cutie to balance this turkey on her head! 

Ask your dog to sit and stay, then slowly bring the towy towards their head. Remember to mark and reward them for staying still. once you can get the toy steady on their head, you can start using your release cue, allowing them to flip the toy and go get it as a reward for staying so still! And don’t forget to use #clevercaninebox so we can see too! 


Budz Big Snout Dog


Normally we don’t condone the ‘Dog eat dog world,’ but this month we do! This dog was added to the box as simple and easy fun for you and your dog. Give it to your dog and let them play their own way. Even if that means this toy isn’t a long term member of the family, your dogs fun and choice in how to interact with it provides more enrichment than almost anything else we can cook up, but if you’re still wanting more ways to play, we’ve got you covered! 

Snow, leaves, dirt, there are so many options, and with the rough rubber exterior, this toy can handle it all! Make a game of hiding, then looking for this toy with your dog. Once the toy has been found, by you or him, make a big celebration and play how you normally would, with tosses, tugs and squeaks! 



Petkind Pork Tripe Treats


It smells and is slightly gross when you think too much about it, that must mean it will be a new fan fav with your dog! These delicious treats are great because they can be broken into your desired size, based on the activity! When using them as ‘stuffing’ for your turkey, you might want to go with bigger pieces, but for training treats, small is often best, but don’t limit yourself, these treats were disigned to make you and your dog happy!


Arctic Charr Pet Treats


New treats? ‘Charr,’ why not?! Lets ‘sea’ what these new treats have to offer! Canadian made nad 100% natural, these treats are sure to make a splash! Air dried, and grain free, these treats are ideal for those precious pups with sensitive stomachs. These treats are also packed with vitamin D and omega 3’s, making them an excellent choice, no matter the use! 


Bacon flavoured Sweet Potato Chews


What is a Thanksgiving meal without some sweet potatoes? Treat your pet to this delicious chew made with two ingredients, sweet potato and bacon. Made with only high quality, human grade ingredients, you can enjoy this fall season knowing your dog is getting the best.