Eyenimal Spin & Treat Ball

Watch your cat spring to life when they see how this toy moves. Let your cat enjoy the erratic movements of the ball, mimicking that of wounded prey in the wild. With stop-and-go sequencing, this toy is ideal for allowing your cat to hunt. Let them feel the pride of taking down their prey, in a fun and safe environment. With more than one way to play, this toy is ideal for cats who prefer interactive toys such as wand toys. This way they can play, even when you can’t.

First Idea: Place the toy in front of your cat while the toy is still turned off. This gives your cat the chance to examine the new item thoroughly without abrupt movements. Once the cat has investigated the toy, pick it up again and turn it on. Hold the toy away from the cat and slowly put it on the floor of the desired area. Try to choose somewhere wide open, as not to make the cat feel trapped. Place the toy several feet from the cat and allow them to interact at their own pace. If the cat seems disinterested after several attempts are made, try engaging the cat with a favourite toy, into a rousing game. Continue this game till you are near the new toy, allowing your cat opportunities to break off your play and join in with the new toy. 

Second Idea: With the Spin & Treat Ball off, fill the toy with your cat’s kibble or other very small treats. Test their ability to fall out before giving it to your cat. Once you know the treats will fall out easily, give the toy to your cat. With it still off, demonstrate pushing the ball to make the treats fall out. Encouraging any interactions your cat makes with the toy or newly presented food. It may take a bit but your cat will get the hang of it!  


Wiggly Ball 

The bouncy ball just got better! With a fun glow-in-the-dark ball and an exciting flowing tail, this toy is sure to take nighttime play to the next level. With the perfect combination of weights, this ball is great for cats to chase and play with, without the risk of scaring them because it moves on its own. Watch your cat leap to new heights while they play with this awesome toy! Well, maybe you won’t see it… But we know you’ll hear it!


Lamb Healthy Bites

Treat your cat with the wholesome goodness of Feline Natural Healthy Bites. Delicious, healthy morsels made with all-natural premium ingredients. The healthy treat you can feel good about giving. Purrfect as a tasty treat or just for being your furry friend.