How to use the My Zen Pet Calming Music

Back to school can be a stressful time, especially for dogs that have become accustomed to having us around during the pandemic. Help ease this transition by giving your dog a daily dose of musical calm. Calming music helps to settle a dogs autonomic nervous system, adding an extra layer of calm to any dog in need. When to play My Zen Pet

First Idea: Vet visits. Trips to the Vet can be stressful, help destress your pet faster by playing music for half an hour once you get home. For added benefits, try playing it for an equal amount of time before the trip!

Second Idea: Thunder Storms. Thunder can be an extremely stressful event for our dogs. Using My Zen Pet can add an extra buffer of comfort to dogs who are bothered by it and any other loud noise. 

Third Idea: Crate Training. Nap times are crate training times are very important for raising a happy and healthy puppy. Try adding music to nap times to reinforce the idea of the crate being a calm safe place 

Fourth Idea: Home Alone. Being home alone can be stressful for our pets, help them feel more calm and secure while transitioning back to the new routine!  


Nylon TPR Bone 

Satisfy your dogs need to chew, while also slowing them down and keeping them safe! Chewing is essential for keeping our dogs happy and healthy. It helps maintain oral health, relieves stress, and provides entertainment to keep them out of trouble! By inserting the Bully Stick  into the bone, you are adding an extra challenge to your dogs chew time! This is important for keeping their brains healthy and active. This is also ideal for power chewers or dogs who are prone to swallowing before the treat is done!



Fetch Canine Pale Ale

Why not try something you never thought of before, that’s a big par of adding enrichment to your dogs life. Right? Ever dreamt of cracking a cold one with your best bud? Now’s your chance! 100% alcohol free, this beverage is a safe choice for your pet! Watch their face as they experience the joys of drinking with you for the fist time ever! Made with essential minerals, this treat is not only fun, but provides benefits such as immune support, joint health, and promotes digestion for a healthy gut! Sourced from farmers committed to diverting food waste, the joys of this drink aren’t just limited to you and your dog!


Jumbo Bully Stick

A classic favourite from our dogs to yours. Made with no chemicals and 100% natural, grass fed, free range beef, we know your dog won’t just be chewing for the benefits of his teeth!


Ramsays Recipe Treats

Small businesses supporting small businesses. Here at Pet Subscription Boxes we believe in delivering you with quality items. And no one knows quality like small businesses building out of their homes! Ramays Recipes are quality hand crafted treats made right in Ontario! We hope your pet can taste every ounce of love that is baked directly into eact carefully made treat!