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Barb King


Meet Barb, she has been an animal lover for all of her life and has owned a variety of cats, dogs, fish, birds and rodents.

Her and her husband got a border collie/lab cross dog in 2010 and it changed their lives tremendously. Toblerone (Tobi) is a very smart and high energy dog who has tested their limits as pet owners.

Tobi’s energy and intellegence have inspired Barb to learn about enrichment and things to do to keep her entertained. Barb also does a variety of dog sports with her (and her ‘brother’ Harvey); including, Nosework, Agility, Dock Diving, Rally-O, Obedience, Tricks and Parkour. They are also in training to be Lost Pet Detection dogs. Their cat (Storm) is more of a napper, but she gets to be the target cat for search games.

The idea and contents of the boxes are inspired by having to keep her pets busy. Barb does not enjoy being in the kitchen, so is always looking for fast, easy ways to provide enrichment to her pets.

Emma Bartel

Dog Trainer / Digital Marketer

Meet Emma, she has a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. Emma put that enthusiasm to work by becoming a Certified Pet Trainer.

Emma decided to join the team because she sees the need for more accessible mental stimulation for pets.

Every day she uses her training background to educate pet parents on the benefits of Enrichment for problem behaviours. So it seemed a natural fit to have somewhere for her to send clients for Enrichment Made Easy.

Lauren Fraser

certified Animal behaviourist

Meet Lauren, she has a MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Edinburgh and has thirty years experience working with cats, dogs and horses in a variety of capacities: veterinary assistant, animal control officer, horse trainer, & riding instructor, executive director & manager of a non-profit animal shelter.

Lauren is part of the team in an advisory capacity and helps us to choose the products for your boxes.

She shares her life with some wonderful animals: three dogs, Fiver, FigJam, and Corb, four horses, a magnificent cat named Fuzzy Hooker Boots, and her husband Dr David Lane, DACVSMR.

Find out more about her here.