Yeowww Halloween Pumpkin 

This jack o’ catnip will certainly get your kitty into the YEOWWW!-loween spirit! CARVE- out some time to watch them stimulate their senses, with the organically grown catnip, it’s a toy you will both feel good about! No tricks this year, only a fun and adorable treat!

First Benefit Of Catnip: May release tension after a stressful episode. Holidays of any kind can be scary for our pets, with an increase in activities and guests, novel objects, novel sounds, and a change in routine can all cause your cat to feel stressed.  Break-out this themed toy to give your cat a healthy outlet of any anxiety or displacement behavior. 

Second Benefit Of Catnip: May help shy cats feel more bold. Playing can feel like a very vulnerable state for some cats. The anxiety of new things in the house can sue them to no longer want to play with their favorite toy. Catnip can help peak your cats interest in the toy, allowing the scent and act of playing to work as a harmonious stress reliever for you cat. 


MEOW Wild Goat Treats  

Your fur baby will think they have hit the kitty jackpot with this delicious treat. While others fill up on candy, you can give your cat this healthy and equally delicious treat instead! These treats are skillfully freeze-dried to preserve that high-quality raw taste that your cat will love!


Silver Vine Cat Treat Stick 

Try something new this Halloween season, we promise it won’t give you a fright! Watch your cat experience treats like they never have before. Silver Vine is more potent than catnip, giving your cat an extra dose of happiness on these cold fall nights…

How Silver Vine Works: With an active ingredient called Nepetalactone, the cat smells the treat, drawing the scent into their Jacobson’s Organ. A chamber jut above the roof of the cats mouth that sends information about odor molecules, to the brain. The sensation this gland provides is like a cross between smelling and tasting. 

The effects of this often cause cats to drool, become sluggish or aggressive, kick, and rub. The effects can last anywhere between five and thirty minutes.