How to use the West Paws Toppl

Yes, we know you probably already have this, but it is one of those “you can never have too many of these” food toys. The ultimate friend of enrichment lovers. This toy is the go-to guy for anyone looking to ditch the bowl. It is big enough to hold a meal, has a durability guarantee, AND a smart, slow-feeding design. Many pet parents consider this a must-have, gold standard for meal-time enrichment. For both raw and kibble feeders alike! 

First Use: Feed your dog’s breakfast or dinner! Make mealtimes work for you and them by keeping them entertained and burning energy! Simply add some water or broth if you feed kibble, freeze and serve! This will allow you and your dog to make the most of mealtime! 

Second Use: Soft Food Treat. Load up your Toppl with the Naturo Dog Trays treat or your other favourite soft food. You can then give this to your dog as a calm, mid-day snack, or just an added treat because we love them! As always, keep your dog’s resilience and experience in mind when choosing whether to freeze or not!

Third Use: Wobble Bowel. Toppl’s have a unique design where they can be used alone, or in combination with a toppl of another size. When placed together, this can be given to your dog as a more active toy, where they most move the toy around to get the treats to fall out! 


Naturo Dog Trays

Put that toppl to work and give your dog a fun, tasty, treat! Benefit their body and their mind with this duckin awesome treat! This food is made with limited ingredients and is packed full of vital nutrients that are important for maintaining your dog’s health. Great for dogs with allergies, you get all the taste and none of the preservatives! 

First Use: Meal topper. When giving your dog its next meal, add a teaspoon of Nutro! This may just be an added bonus for nonselective and picky dogs alike! 

Second Use: Treats For Training. Have you ever used wet food as a reward? Beware, it might just blow your dog’s mind! Simply scoop the food onto a wooden spoon, or roll into small balls and freeze, either way, this is a simple high-value treat for any training session! 

Third Use: Use in the Toppl! You can use this as the only food in your Toppl, or in combination with other soft or hard foods!  


Freeze Dried Duck Head 

Now, don’t lose your head over this one! Let your dog’s inner hunter go wild over this unique treat. Enrich their senses as they devour this DUCKadent delight. 

First Use: Toppl Topper. When filling your next toppl, place your duck head on top for your dog to discover and devour! 

Second Use: Treat Chew. Give your dog the Head as you would any other chew, and let them go to town! 

Third Use: Hide and Seek. Prepare a room or space with your dog’s favourite treats for them to sniff out and find, hiding treats depending on your dog’s skill level. Hide the duck head as an extra fun bonus to find while hunting! 


Crinkle Duck

Keep the good times going, and feel safe knowing that if they Quack this toy open, there’s no stuffing to clean up! Keep their senses intrigued while this duck crinkles its way into your dog’s heart. 

First Use: Teach Drop It. Wiggle the toy around encouraging the dog to grab the toy. Once they have it in their mouth. Stop the motion of the toy while still grasping one side. Say your ‘Drop It’ cue and Immediately put a treat in front of the dog’s nose, when they drop the toy to go for the treat, mark and give them the treat. As your dog beings to understand the game, try saying your cue before bringing out the treat. 

Second Use: Use toy distraction as a reward. News toys are exciting. Use this excitement to proof some of your training. With the dog watching, start by placing the toy on a high shelf where the dog can’t reach the toy. Ask your dog for a well-known behaviour such as, sit, down, eye contact or any other tricks or behaviours. Once the dog has successfully completed the skill, grab the toy and toss it to them, or play tug as a reward. They have just successfully ignored a new toy to listen to you instead! AS you progress, slowly make the toy more visible and accessible for the dog. Always reward by giving the dog the toy, and any other reward they you desire.

Third Use: Hide the toy. Before giving the dog the toy, let them watch as you bury the new toy among their old toys. Give the dog a release cue and encourage them to seek out their new toy! This will give your dog the sense of foraging and excitement over just being handed a new toy!