Melon Madness Puzzle

Put your kitty’s problem-solving ability to the test with this purrrrfect puzzle! Problem-solving is one of the key components to mentally satisfying your furry little Einstein. Reveal a new way for your cat to hunt for their food with this puzzle feeder. With non-removable pieces, you won’t have to worry about your kitty getting carried away in the fun and losing a piece. 

Step 1: With the toy on the ground have the cat watch and eat the treats as you place them randomly all over the toy. Repeat several times until the cat enthusiastically seeks out the treats.

Step 2: With the cat out of the room, place multiple treats over and around the toy. Making sure all treats are visible and easily accessible at this step. Then let the cat into the room to find the treats on the toy.

At this point we are building value and a reinforcement history with this toy. Making a positive association between the sight of the toy and food. This will encourage the cat to be more confident and persistent when working on the toy in future. 

Step 3: With the cat watching, place a few really high value treats in the corner slot, and partially cover the treat with the slider. Place a few lower value treats across the top and release the dog to find the treats. Encourage your dog to the spot with the partially hidden treats, giving lots of praise and encouraging them to move the slider.

Step 4: Repeat step 4, gradually moving the slider till it is completely closed and the cat can successfully open it. Continuing the same process with the additional slots. 


Only One Treats Dried Sardines 

Peak your cat’s interest with the powerful fishy smell our cats love. These treats are freeze-dried to preserve all of the taste and smell, with none of the mess! What you see is what you get with these treats. Made with only one ingredient, sardines! You can feel confident knowing exactly what you’re feeding your fur family.





Micro Puzzle 

Treat Yo Self! Why not a little something for you for a change? Test your problem-solving skills and have a little fun with this adorable extra, just for you! You work hard too, so this is your reminder to take a little ‘me time’ and Treat Yo Self, however that looks for you.