The Dog Twister 

Test and improve your dog’s problem-solving ability with this pesky puzzle! Problem-solving is one of the key components to mentally satisfying your furry little Einstein. We love this toy because the slide and lock design gives you the option to increase difficulty as your dog becomes familiar with this toy. Many dogs quickly learn the trick to getting treats quickly, but the nature of the individual locks requires even the cleverest of dogs to stop and think.

How To Use The Dog Twister 

Puzzles can be a really fun way for your dog to use his brain, but as with any enrichment, its important that the skill required is always appropriate for your dog, as not to create frustration, but encourage fun! Here are some ideas on how to use The Dog Twister, based on your dog’s skill level. 

Ideas For Novice Dogs 

As with any new skill, it is important to start small and work your way up, this is especially true for dog with little to no experience with this type of toy. 

Step 1: With the toy on the ground have the dog watch and eat the treats as you place them randomly all over the toy 

Step 2: With the dog out of the room, place multiple treats over and around the toy. Making sure all treats are visible and easily accessible at this step. Then let the dog into the room to find the treats on the toy.

At this point we are building value and a reinforcement history with this toy. Making a positive association between the sight of the toy and food. This will encourage the dog to be more confident and persistent when working on the toy in future. 

Step 3: With the dog watching, place a few really high value treats in the corner slot, and partially cover the treat with the slider. Place a few lower value treats across the top and release the dog to find the treats. Encourage your dog to the spot with the partially hidden treats, giving lots of praise and encouragement when they move the slider.

Step 4: Repeat step 4, gradually moving the slider till it is completely closed and the dog can successfully open it. Continuing the same process with the additional slots. 

Ideas For Intermediate Dogs

Step 1: Lets get messy! Prepare the toy by adding your dogs favorite soft or smearable food into random slots. Be thoughtful not to use anything too sticky that might enable the dog to move the slider. Fill the remaining slots with treats and give to your dog. 

Step 2: Freeze the puzzle. With the toy prepped like step 1, place the toy in the freezer. This will give your dog a longer play experience, without having to add more food! 

Step 3: Randomize the pattern the dog must complete to reach the treats. Starting with four sliders on each side, have the middle slot empty, adding treats to slot 1,3,6 and 9. Your dog will end up having to move some of the sliders twice to reach the treats on the other side of the puzzle. 

Ideas For Advanced Dogs 

Step 1: Prep the puzzle as desired, and lock one of the sliders. Place the toy on the ground. 

Step 2: If desired you can smear a lickable treat or place a treat on the lock loop to encourage your dogs interaction with the lock. Be sure to stay with your dog, modeling and encouraging them until they can successfully open the lock independently.  

Step 3: Lock more pieces, slowly increasing the difficulty. Pro tip: Don’t always increase the difficulty, sometimes make it novice or intermediate level. This helps the dog from getting bored with the toy because its always being made more difficult. 

Step 4: For an added challenge, prep the toy and place it somewhere in the house or safe area, allow the dog to seek out the toy, before they get busy filling up on the goodies within. 

Step 5: Follow the freezing technique as stated in Ideas For Intermediate Dogs, just add the locks as you feel confident with your dogs skills. 


Only One Treats Dried Sardines 

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Micro Puzzle 

Treat Yo Self! Why not a little something for you for a change? Test your problem-solving skills and have a little fun with this adorable extra, just for you! You work hard too, so this is your reminder to take a little ‘me time’ and Treat Yo Self, however that looks for you.