How To Use The Flippin’ Fish

Release the hunter within your cat with this ‘Flippin’ awesome toy!

Our product testers gave this toy the stamp of approval. It was proven to make even the calmest indoor kitty turn into a mighty hunter! Perfect for indoor cats that usually have to imagine what the fight is like, this toy will give them a real taste of the wild! While still in the safety of their own home.

Start by charging the fish using the USB cable included

Use the on/off switch in the fish belly to activate your fishy friend!

Place the Fish next to you cat and tap it to start play time

For added interaction, add the catnip to peak you clever Kittys interest!

Share a video of your happy kitty playing with their fish! You can Either post in our Facebook Group, or use #CleverCatBox on Instagram and TikTok!

*Video Coming Soon*