How To Use The Flex N Squeak Rubber Toy


Let’s get our ‘chew’ on! And by our, we mean your dog. This tuff toy is designed to promote those ever important chewing habits! With a squeak that your dog will love, and space for food, this might just be the best stress relieving chew toy out there!

Making the most of Enrichment means being creative, and lucky for you, that’s what we do!

First Idea: Place pocket trainers (or any small soft treat) on each end or barbell. Place on the ground and watch your dog get to work pushing the toy to make the treats fall out.

Second Idea: Cut banana into thin, 2 inch strips and inserts into toy through the hole. This will be a bit of a mushy mess, but your pup will love it. For an added challenge, put the toy in the freezer so make that banana hard and delicious.

Third Idea: Using your favourite base such as banana, pumpkin or baked sweet potato, insert hard cookies such as the Poutine Cookie by Northern Biscuit, green beans, or strips of bell pepper. As always, freeze for added difficulty

Fourth Idea: Use your finder or a syringe to slather the inside with soft goodies such as, cheese wiz, peanut butter (xylitol free), plain yogurt, or canned dog food.

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How To Use The Orange Jam Toy


Hunting, digging, and foraging are just a few of the instincts your upper will let loose while playing with this toy! Don’t let the simple design fool you, there is more than one way to peel an orange!

First Idea: Start simple! Place the oranges in the jam jar and let your pet get to work pulling those sour suckers out!

Second Idea: Put some of your favourite hard or soft treats in the jam jar and use the oranges as obsticals to overcome before they get to the nummies! 

Third Idea: If your dog finds it easy to pull out the oranges, use rags or other small toys to fill up the jar and make it more of a challenge to get out! This is great for dogs who like to shred because the act of pulling out numerous object simulates ripping things apart! 

Fourth Idea: Teach your dog to find the orange among other toys, using the second orange as the cue! This is also known as “Match To Sample” training

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These are just some of the ways we thought of to use these toys. Did you come up with something different? Comment below or show us in our Facebook group, or on TikTok and Instagram using #CleverCanineBox