Ferris Wheel Treat Dispenser 


Spin into the holiday season with this fun toy! It is no secret that cats like to paw at things that move, give them a toy of their own so they will leave the Christmas tree alone! With easy movement, a suction cup for stability, and the added bonus of delicious treats with ever skillful spin, this toy is sure to lighten up your cat this holiday season, and for many seasons to follow! 


First Idea: Load the toy with treats and stick it to the ground or any other flat and stable surface. Stay with the cat, encouraging them to interact with they toy. Spin the toy and allow the cat to eat the fallen treats. Always begin with small steady movements until the cat gets used to the way the new object moves. 


Second Idea: Elevate the game! Or at least change the angle. Try sticking the toy to a wall or window near your cat’s favorite perch or hangout spot. This elevation might just make them feel safer and more inclined to interact with this novel object! 


Feline Frenzy Winter Toy 


Packed with catnip and crinkles, this toy is sure to be on every clever kitty’s wish list this Christmas season. Indulge there every sense to give an enrichment experience worthy of the most magical time of the year. Eco-friendly filler is made with 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, so not only will it be a gift for your cat, but a gift for the planet!


More Lobster, Cheese, Crunchy Cat Treats


Holidays can be a time of fine dining and indulgence, treat your cat to that upper-level feasting experience with this shameless treat. These treats are proudly made in the USA with no corn, soy, or artificial flavours. Real meat is always the first ingredient, and between you and I, this low-calorie treat won’t hinder the New Year’s fitness goals! 




Have a Happy Holiday Season and enjoy this personalized ornament from me to you. We love our PSB Family and just wanted to show you a little extra appreciation during this time of year!