How To Use Fresh Greens Cat Grass

Even if the exact reasons behind a cat’s affinity for grass is sometimes unclear, what is clear is the joy it brings when it’s available. Cat grass can enrich not only your cat’s mental wellbeing but its physical as well. Grass aids in the digestion of cats in the fight against hairballs! SO it’s time to get growing! 

Step 1. Pour seeding into peat 

Step 2. Thoroughly mix seeds into peat

Step 3. Water the grass

Step 4. Cover grass container

Step 5. Leave to grow in a dark area 

Keep plant out of cat’s reach until it’s mature enough to withstand your cat’s interest. Then place in an easily accessible, frequently used spot for your cat to enjoy! 

How To Use The Cat Jack

Step outside your kittys play norm with this cute toy! With soft chewable rubber and an unpredictable bounce, it might just surprise you! 

First Idea: Fill the holes of the cat jack with small treats, then place on the ground near the cat, allowing a few treats to fall out right away. Encourage to move the toy to discover the rest of the goodies inside. 

Second Idea: Add catnip to the holes and again, place on the ground near the cat, and see what they think! Always encouraging interaction by making it look fun and enticing! 

Bonus: Use treats AND catnip to give your cat the ultimate experience with their new Cat Jack.