How To Use Soda Pup Licking Mat 

Let there be licking! A great feature of the licking mats is they last a long time on relativity little food! This is ideal for any dog, but particularly those prone to weight gain, or small dogs who get full fast. Enrichment doesn’t always need to be calorie-dense, and licking mats are just another great example of that!

Licking is a necessary and helpful activity for all dogs, it burns energy, reduces stress, promotes calmness and aids in dental health! 

First Idea: Give your dog a snack or activity during the day. Using a kitchen spatula or spoon, slather Licking Mat with Peanut Butter or any other soft, dog-safe foods. Give your dog a snack or activity during the day. Lay the mat on any flat, hard, or easy-to-clean surface. Freeze for a minimum of 15 minutes for added challenge.

Second Idea: Use as a break in between or after a training session. Best practice when training a dog includes several short repetitions with breaks in-between. If your dog is not used to breaks or gets frustrated when training stops, licking mats are a great option to give them a minute or so break, without them feeling unsure, or like the training session ended abruptly. 

Third Idea: Use as a tool to begin cooperative care. While licking mats can be great to use to distract a dog while you do necessary care, you may also teach them to use the licking mat as a ‘consent cue’ while handling them. Using a strategic training plan, you can teach the dog that as long as they continue licking, they are giving you permission to handle them, but if at any time they stop licking, this is a sign they feel uncomfortable with what is happening, and are asking you to stop.

How To Use The Freeze N Float Toy

Why not try something a little different? Enrichment is varying the ordinary in a way that is comfortable to our pet, and we hope this toy can do that! 

First Idea: Use this oy to change up your dog’s swimming routine! If your dog enjoys fetching in the water, try swapping out their regular favourite with a potential new favourite! The squeak might just make it irresistible! 

Second Idea: Use it as a soothing toy for teething puppies, or as a toy pup-sicle on a hot day! Submerge the toy in water until it is fully saturated, squeeze out excess water so it is no longer dripping, then place in the freezer for a minimum of 15 minutes. Now give to your dog as usual. You may want to encourage a game of fetch or tug to increase interest in this strange new toy! 

Third Idea: Fill a kiddy pool or large bucket and let your pup go bobbing for toys!  Great for hot days in the yard, or adding a new element to your dog’s daily sensory and toy enrichment!