1) Messy Mutts Cat Slow Feeder

Stimulate your cat while slowing their food intake. This simple flower design slow feeder creates multiple barriers around food, helping to slow consumption and aid with improved digestion and reduced bloating.

2) Hugsmart Crazy Catcher Helicopter Toy

Loaded with premium catnip and crinkle sound for hours of interactive fun. Multiple textures help to improve dental health and arouse your cat’s capturing instincts.

3) Naturo Cat Trays Soft Food

This soft food is 80% high quality meat and Grain Free. Naturo adult wet cat foods contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and are free from grains which can often cause allergies. Smear it in the slow feeder bowl and watch your cat enjoy.

4) Granville Island Pet Tuna Flakes

Tuna Flakes are a deliciously popular cat treat. The smoked fishy taste is irresistible and cats go crazy for these tuna flakes. Sprinkle them over regular food for picky cats to stimulate them to eat their food, or just feed as is.

5) Fou Stick Soothe

This convenient stick salve aids in soothing dry cracked noses and feet due to extreme weather conditions. It is great for paws, ears, and noses. Keep some on hand for dry summer heat, smoky days and whatever else mother nature decides to throw at your cat.