1) Kong Spin It Interactive Toy

This fun toy utilizes 2 different types of enrichment: physical and cognitive. It stimulates your dog’s hunting instincts and allows them to be creative in choosing their preferred method of revealing the treats. They can roll it on the floor, toss it around the room, or unscrew the end to get the treats out.

2) Kong Crunch Air Ball

This boring looking ball has a secret surprise. When your dog bites it they will hear the fun ‘water bottle like’ crunch! They will enjoy playing with the ball by themselves or with you.

3) Wet Noses Little Stars Treats

These cute little treats are perfect to use in your spin it toy! They are small enough to easily fall out of the toy to provide a high rate of reinforcement and keep your dog excited. Organic and crumble free to minimize mess – they are also the perfect size to use for training treats.

4) Bizzles

These minimal ingredient, 100% natural dehydrated treats are a fan favourite around here! They are low-fat, high-protein, completely digestible, and made in Canada!

5) Fou Stick Soothe

This convenient stick salve aids in soothing dry cracked noses and feet due to extreme weather conditions. It is great for paws, ears, and noses. Keep some on hand for dry summer heat, smoky days and whatever else mother nature decides to through at your dog.