Switch Teaser Pinwheel


Get those wheels moving and the brain juices flowing with this fun new toy! Cleverly designed to stimulate your cats hunting instincts, the Pinwheel is infused with premium catnip to not only increase interest but enhance your cat’s experience. With fun feathers and a suction cup to keep it from falling over,  this toy might just become your cats new favorite pastime.  

Crackles Scoopz


Summer nights with a scoop of ice cream are some of our favorite memories, this toy allows them to join in the fun! With crackles and catnip, what’s not to love? With a unique elastic tether design, your cat might just think they scored a double scoop! This toy encourages tugging, upping the physical enrichment expected from most other toys. Summer doesn’t get any sweeter than that! 


Catnip Bubbles


Are you stuck playing with the same old toys with your cat? Have you ever thought about using bubbles? Well now’s your chance! Stir up playtime for your cat with this unique treat! Infused with catnip, you and your cat are sure to get a kick out of these! Simply take your cat to a safe area and try out this unique game. You might just be surprised by your clever cat’s reaction! 

Hare Kitty Kitty Rabbit Treats


What a purrr-fect way to spoil your cat this summer! These decident all natural treats may just make you the favorite paw-rent.  Treat Planet’s pure, freeze-dried rabbit is never cooked and is free from added hormones and antibiotics. 100% Freeze Dried Rabbit is a great source of vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Taurine, and more. So go ahead, enjoy your summer and give your cat a treat, or 5!


Wild Pacific Salmon Snacks


It might just seem ‘fishy’ when you see how much your cat loves these treats, but the only fish you’ll find is the whole pacific salmon used to make these top treats. With absolutely no additives, preservatives, colouring, or artificial flavoring, let your cat go wild over these high quality treats.