Soda Pup Mandala Etray

Meditation for dogs? While the spirits may not guide your dog to zen, this toy sure will! The traditional geometric configuration of The Mandala makes it an ideal design for dogs needing to focus attention,  bringing them back to a calm and centered state, Namaste. 

First Use:  As a snack or a meal, fill The Mandala with your Zen Masters favorite smearable treat such as; Librity Wet Dog Food, plain yogurt, cream cheese, peanutbutter, or soften your dogs food or favorite hard treat, and add to The Mandala as usual.  

Second Use: Frozen treat to beat the heat! Mix water and your dogs favorite liquid such as; bone broth, chicken broth, or tuna juice, and place in the freezer. Give to your dog as a cool and stimulating activity when it’s too hot to walk! 

Huff’n Puff Ball 


They see it rollin’… they playin’… Built to breath and built to last. This ball is a great option for dogs on the go. The easy-to-breath holes are not only a great safety feature, but they also provide a fun, free moving treat despensing toy. 

First Use: Treat dispenser. Prepart some Dogs Love Pork Jery Treats, or any of your dogs favorite soft treats by cutting them into small enough pieces that allow them to come out the largest hole on the ball. Fill the ball and give to your dog in desired area. Pro Tip: Give it to your dog on grass for an added challenge! 

Second Use: Teach your dog to find hidden toys. Teaching your dog to search for food is easy, but making the transition to toys can be uncomfortable if you’ve never done it before. Start by filling the toy with or without treats. Get the dog excited about the ball, ask for a stay, then place the toy a few feet away from the dog in plain sight and cue the dog to find it. Use lots of praise and play when the dog finds the ball. Repeat the same process but slowly increase the difficulty. First by walking around a corner, so the dog can’t see where the toy was placed, only that you went around the corner. Gradually build to where the dog needs to search more area and use his nose to find the hidden ball. 

Always remember this is a game! You aren’t being tested on this, so try to keep it fun and simple to avoid demotivating your dog! Be sure to watch them that they are having fun, not frustrated because it is too difficult. 


No Fuss Fill  


They say a dog is man’s best friend, but this might just be your new best friend! Change the enrichment game by using this handy tool to mass fill your dogs toys with ease. Simply stuff the No Fuss Fill with your pets favorite food and save time by filling a weeks worth of toys all at once! 


Meaty Bubbles


“Nice to ‘meat’ you, where’ve you been? These bubbles are incredible things!” Say bye-bye to laser pointers and hello to Meaty Bubbles! Bubbles are a fun and tasty way to add some sensory enrichment to your pooches routine. The interactive nature of having to blow the bubbles gives you a new and fun way to connect and play with your dog! 

Bixbi Librity Wet Dog Food


Treat your way to a happier pet! The Librity Wet Dog Food is a fast and simple option for any food based enrichment toys you may have! Load up the No Fuss Fill and you’ll have prepared 3+ toys in no time! This treat can be used in combination with other spearable treats, watered down for less calories, or with any other fruit, vegetable, or treat toppers you desire! The options are endless, but when time and creativity are at an all time low, rest easy knowing your pet is still getting a delicious and nutritious treat made without grain or artifical flavors or perservatives. 


Dogs Love Pork Jerky Treats


Time to pig out! Start your summer off right with a delicious and easy to pack snack! Perfect for tearing as a training treat, or just a friendly snack between friends, these Amarican grown treats will have your dog asking why you’re ‘hogging’ the bag!  


Sweet Potato Poppers


Life doesn’t get much ‘sweeter’ than giving your dog a wholesome and delicious treat. They’ll love the crunchy goodness while you’ll enjoy the low calorie option that comes from choosing a treat made with limited ingredients. So pop your pup a treat from us!


Combo Box


 Always by your side, forever in your heart. Un-leash your playful side with this fun T. Because friends with 4 feet are friends indeed! 


 Ultimate Box


Better practice your ‘Don’t hate us, because you ain’t us’ look, because the jealous vibes will be real when they see you strutin’ downtown with your matching accessories. We only have them for a little while, so be bold have fun with your best fur-end!