Kong Gyro

This gets used almost daily in our house to keep the dogs busy in the morning.

Just fill with treats or kibble and watch them roll it around the house.

Great to keep your dog exercised physically and mentally.




Gnawsome Treat & Squeak

This lightweight rubber toy squeaks and floats in addition to being an excellent toy to hide treats in!

The nobs in the back of the toy hold the treats to make it more of a challenge for your dog.


Forest Friends Raccoon

This multifunction toy is great fun for your dog!

Stuff his mouth with the two tennis balls and add treats for more excitement.

Puffed Collagen Braid

Redbarn’s Collagen Chews are

packed with 75% protein! Collagen is a protein found below the top layer of skin in both animals

and humans. It is one of the key components of connective tissues. Think of it as the ‘glue’ that

helps hold the body together. Collagen has higher protein and less fat than traditional rawhide

treats and digests much easier.

CHARLEE Bear Cheese & Egg Treats

These crunchy little treats are the perfect size to use in your gyro or the treat and squeak.

They’re great for training or just for fun. We’re positive your dog will thoroughly enjoy these beary tasty treats!

BOREAL Dog 100% Air Dried Pork Liver Wafers

Air drying fresh, raw ingredients on the other hand minimizes processing and delivers maximum nutrition… an easier way to feed raw!

Break these into smaller pieces to use in all this month’s toys.