– They stop the liquid from spilling out of the bottom of the enrichment toy when stuffing and also when storing in the fridge/freezer.
– They hold the toy upright for easier stuffing.
They have a handy magnet on the back so you can stick it on your fridge when not in use.
SO handy!
Available in 3 sizes to fit most enrichment toys.

Classic Kong

Now that you have a stopple we thought it would be the perfect time give you a fresh new Kong for your food toy collection.

They are one of the first and still one of the best food enrichment toys. Stuff with your dog’s favourite foods or dinner, toss in the freezer and serve!

Winter Sparkle Stuffless Crinkle

These adorable toys feature metallic fabric woven into the plush material for a lovely sparkling effect. The body of each toy is stuffless, with crinkle paper and a hidden squeaker inside. Your dog will love the crunchy, squeaky fun while tossing and flopping it around.

Naturawls Beed Trachea or Chicken Feet

Canadian sourced and processed in Ontario. Naturawls has a great line of raw food and dehydrated treats.

This month we have chosen beef trachea for medium to large dogs and chicken feet for the small dogs. 

The trachea can be given as is for a great treat, or you can stuff it with food and incorporate it as part of your dog’s meal.

Taste Of The Wild – Canned

We would be lax if we didn’t include an easy option for you to stuff in your brand new Kong. Let your dog enjoy this natural, balanced canned dog food from Taste of the Wild.