Soda Pup Christmas Tree


“Oh Rubber Tree, Oh Rubber Tree, how yummy are thy branches!” Safeguard your holiday season with this festive food toy! Designed to work like a kong, and add to the seasonal decor, this tiny tree might just be your secret weapon through the holiday season. Whether it’s keeping your pup busy with small kibble, a frozen snack, or spicing up mealtimes, Soda Pup is there to keep your dog Merry and Bright, no matter how busy the season gets.


First Idea: Quiet time while guests are over. Use this tree like you would a Kong! Fill with wet food, yogurt, peanut butter, or any of your dog’s favourite lickable treats! Add additional fruits, vegetables and other festive fillings as an added bonus while they work their way through the snack.


Second Idea: No time for the usual training session? Use as a treat-dispensing toy. Fill with your dog’s kibble or other small treats. The toothed opening is designed to help retain treats, increasing the challenge of accessing the goodies inside! Using a variety of treat sizes and textures will make this a fun and unpredictable game! 


Third Use: Use like a chew toy with pullout pieces. For some dogs the act of chewing down on something is one of the best things in the world! For others, the feeling of destroying something is what gives them a sense of satisfaction. With small strips of rags or fine fabric, pack the tree with the treats and fabric, making it a game for your dog to pull out the fabric to get the treats.


REMINDER: As with any enrichment, it is always important to watch your dog. Never leave them unattended especially when there are removable parts that have the potential to be swallowed. Enrichment is meant to be fun not stressful, so stay alert and stay safe this holiday season!


Zippy Paws Reindeer Pen 


While these reindeer might not run over Grandma, we can’t make any promises about the dog… This toy may just make your dog’s heart glow with anticipation of all the squeaking, shaking, and uncovering of toys! While your dog’s nose may be ‘bright’ in a different way, neither of you will notice when they use that foraging power for good, while discovering the toy or treat treasures hidden deep within the reindeer pen. 


First Idea: Put some of your favourite hard or soft treats in the Reindeer pen and use the reindeer as obstacles to overcome before they get to the christmas goodies inside! 


Second Idea: Like a kid on christmas morning! Do a simple wrap job on this toy, and give it to your dog. Encourage them to rip the paper to discover the toy within! Like a kid, they might just have more fun unwrapping the gift than they do with the actual object inside! 


Third Idea: Teach your dog to find the reindeer among other toys, using the second reindeer as the cue! This is also known as “Match To Sample” training. 


Step 1: Teach the dog to pick up the toy by initially rewarding any interactions then selecting only for interactions with the mouth, then lifting off the ground. 


Step 2: Add the cue. When the dog is predictably picking up the toy, present the second toy as the cue, as the behaviour is about to occur. Slowly start to present the toy cue before the behaviour starts. 


Step 3: Test the dogs understanding of the object cue by throwing in other simple, well-known behaviours such as ‘sit’ or ‘touch’ 


Step 4: Move the toy further away and reward the dog going to the toy and bringing it closer to you. Shape for closer proximity until you are happy with the proximity.


Step 5: Slowly add more items to the area, thus testing your dogs understanding of the cue and behaviour as a whole.


Hearty Tails Gourmet Pet Treats 


No coal in the stocking of these Clever Canines! Made with only grass-fed beef, these ethically sourced treats will have everyone on the nice list this year!


Yumm Sticks 


Let’s get decorating! Even toy trees can enjoy a little ‘sprucing’ up. Add a delicious trunk to that adorable Christmas tree! They are called ‘sticks’ for nothing! Made with high quality, human-grade ingredients, and individually pack for guaranteed freshness that your pet will love


Only One Treats 


It may not be candy canes and gumdrops, but we think your dog will like this more! Made with simple and fresh ingredients that your pet will be begging for more, so loosen up, everyone gets a little ‘fluffier’ during the holidays!




Have a Happy Holiday Season and enjoy this personalized ornament from me to you. We love our PSB Family and just wanted to show you a little extra appreciation during this time of year!