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Are you tired of searching out toys and treats that your dog will love and keep their minds challenged?

Do you need help keeping your pup occupied while you are busy?

Treat your dog (and yourself) to a bimonthly subscription to our Clever Canine Box. You will receive a huge box of fun for your dog every two months.

We curate our boxes to give you a variety of food dispensing and fun toys that you can use over and over again. The treats that you will receive in your box are chosen to work with each boxes toys.

Save yourself time and energy and let us send you new products every 2 months that both you and your dogs will enjoy!

You can expect to receive 3-4 enrichment toys and 2-3 high quality treats and chews in each box. 

Enrichment Made Easy

All of our subscriptions include access to our online enrichment club where we offer a database of information on enrichment and have monthly guest speakers to talk to us and answer questions on different enrichment topics.

$99.00 now, and $99.00 on the 8th day of every 2nd month

$399.00 / year