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October 2021 Clever Canine Box

How to use the West Paws Toppl Yes, we know you probably already have this, but it is one of those “you can never have too many of these” food toys. The ultimate friend of enrichment lovers. This toy is the go-to guy for anyone looking to ditch the bowl. It is big...
Budget-Friendly Enrichment

Budget-Friendly Enrichment

1 Product, 3 Uses.   Products that have more than one use are the key to enrichment on a budget. We live in a world of multifunction, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always hold true for enrichment products. So to give you the most bang for your buck, I am...
Use This To Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Use This To Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Barking is a common problem among many pet owners. Whether it’s directed at you, or at the window to those passing by. No matter what the situation is it can be frustrating, loud and downright annoying. The reason behind the barking can be difficult to...