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2022 Advent Enrichment – 2

13. Chin Game 14. Throw treat through legs 15. Paper in a box snuffle 16. Find the treat 17. Crate Game 18. Throw treat/Come to me 19. Can you catch? 20. Cone Game 21. Bob for Treats 22. Play with Toes/ Cut Nails 23. Treat Race 24. Microwave Yak...

2022 Advent Calendar

1. Scatter Feed 2. Which hand holds the treat? 3. Cup Game 4. Snuffle Mat 6. Egg Carton Game 7. Bed Game 7. Sit Down Stand 9. Leave It 10. Muffin Tin Game 11. Learn a New Trick 12. Roll Treats in a...

September 2021 Clever Canine Box

How to use the My Zen Pet Calming Music Back to school can be a stressful time, especially for dogs that have become accustomed to having us around during the pandemic. Help ease this transition by giving your dog a daily dose of musical calm. Calming music helps to...

Behavioural Warning Signs In Your Pet

Our pet’s health is important to us, that’s why we strive to provide our pets with the best mental stimulation! While enrichment is vital to keeping our pets mentally fit, there are some problems that enrichment alone can’t solve. It is important to...
Things To Know About Puppy Enrichment

Things To Know About Puppy Enrichment

Is Enrichment important for my puppy? Should I start enrichment with my puppy soon? Will enrichment make a difference for my puppy? You may have had some or all of these thoughts when acquiring your new furry family member, and the answer is YES! Enrichment is...