1 Product, 3 Uses.  

Products that have more than one use are the key to enrichment on a budget. We live in a world of multifunction, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always hold true for enrichment products. So to give you the most bang for your buck, I am going to show you three ways to use a seemingly simple and boring product. Messy Mutts Silicone Treat Tray. 

Treat trays are obviously cute, but how useful can they really be? Well my saving savvy friends, there might be more ways than you think! 

Use Number One: Licking Mat

So simple, yet so fun! You would prepare this the same way you would prepare any licking mat! Use your favourite spreadable base, and slather a thin layer over the desired area. The mold has Deep crevices where the treats would be made, giving an added dimension and challenge for your dog to work through. The dog will have to do different tongue strokes and techniques to get every last morsel. 

One can also add cheese or other treats to the top of their licking masterpiece. This is beneficial for adding more sensory input into the experience, as well as added interest for those fussy fellers! Consider freezing your Silicone Mat for a minimum of 15 minutes for added challenge and refreshment on hot days!

Use Number Two: Slow feeder

Scatter the kibble or treats throughout the mould so the dog will have to work and maneuver, rather than mindlessly gobbling up their food. You can make your slow feeder by putting the mold upside down, or keeping it right side up, it’s really up to you! Slow feeders are great for those who don’t have the time to pre-plan or spend a lot of time making enrichment toys. There is no prep required and makes relatively little mess compared to other food toys. 

You can use any combination of wet or soft food for this! Bonus tip! Let the dog eat outside in the grass for easier cleanup and added enjoyment for your dog because they are breaking from the usual and eating somewhere different! Simple clean-up is one of the best marks of a good enrichment toy, and this mold has that in spades. 

Use Number Three: Baked or Frozen Treats 

This use may seem obvious, but what may be less obvious is how easy this can be! The thought of making one’s own treats can be overwhelming and seem time-consuming, but it can be as simple as adding some flour to dog palate or canned food! This makes a delicious biscuit-like treat with very few ingredients. As for a frozen treat, all you need to some broth and water! Most dogs enjoy the saltiness of the broth with the fun sensation of the ice cube. 

For a final treat that may not be as widely know, (but should be!) is a gelatin treat! These treats are commonly used among zookeepers because they are virtually zero calories! While this is appealing to us, the unique texture of gelatin treats can be irresistible for some dogs! Simply mix gelatin powder with water or any desired liquid at a 2 to 1 ratio! 

We have gone through three activities your dog can get from one product, this is not only efficient ergonomically, it’s also a great space saver! Lots of bulky enrichment toys can be a pain, so getting more for less is all part of Enrichment Made Easy! 

Do you have other ideas or ways you use your Messy Mutts Silicone Treat Molds? Let us know using #CleverCanineBox on Facebook and Instagram!