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January 2023 Clever Canine Box

Kong Gyro This gets used almost daily in our house to keep the dogs busy in the morning. Just fill with treats or kibble and watch them roll it around the house. Great to keep your dog exercised physically and mentally.      Gnawsome Treat & Squeak...

2022 Advent Enrichment – 2

13. Chin Game14. Throw treat through legs15. Paper in a box snuffle16. Find the treat17. Crate Game18. Throw treat/Come to me19. Can you catch?20. Cone Game21. Bob for Treats22. Play with Toes/ Cut Nails23. Treat Race24. Microwave Yak Cheese

2022 Advent Calendar

1. Scatter Feed2. Which hand holds the treat?3. Cup Game4. Snuffle Mat6. Egg Carton Game7. Bed Game7. Sit Down Stand9. Leave It10. Muffin Tin Game11. Learn a New Trick12. Roll Treats in a Towel

September 2022 Clever Cat Box

Pull-A-Partz Sushi   "Sushi me rollin'..." Rolling isn't the only thing your cat will be doing when they get their paws on this adorable bento-themed toy. With 4 removable pieces, this toy engages multiple senses. Filled with catnip and crinkly fabric, your cat...

September 2022 Clever Canine Box

Yeti Puff & Play   While the Yeti may be mysterious and illusive, your dog's reaction to this toy will be anything but! This innovative toy is a perfect, long lasting, low calorie option to add to your dogs enrichment routine. Simply add the cheese nugget to...

July 2022 Clever Canine Box

Soda Pup Mandala Etray Meditation for dogs? While the spirits may not guide your dog to zen, this toy sure will! The traditional geometric configuration of The Mandala makes it an ideal design for dogs needing to focus attention,  bringing them back to a calm and...

July 2022 Clever Cat Box

Switch Teaser Pinwheel   Get those wheels moving and the brain juices flowing with this fun new toy! Cleverly designed to stimulate your cats hunting instincts, the Pinwheel is infused with premium catnip to not only increase interest but enhance your cat's...

March Clever Cat Box

Ferris Wheel Treat Dispenser    Spin into the holiday season with this fun toy! It is no secret that cats like to paw at things that move, give them a toy of their own so they will leave the Christmas tree alone! With easy movement, a suction cup for stability,...