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September 2022 Clever Cat Box

Pull-A-Partz Sushi   “Sushi me rollin’…” Rolling isn’t the only thing your cat will be doing when they get their paws on this adorable bento-themed toy. With 4 removable pieces, this toy engages multiple senses. Filled with catnip...

September 2022 Clever Canine Box

Yeti Puff & Play   While the Yeti may be mysterious and illusive, your dog’s reaction to this toy will be anything but! This innovative toy is a perfect, long lasting, low calorie option to add to your dogs enrichment routine. Simply add the cheese...

October 2021 Clever Canine Box

How to use the West Paws Toppl Yes, we know you probably already have this, but it is one of those “you can never have too many of these” food toys. The ultimate friend of enrichment lovers. This toy is the go-to guy for anyone looking to ditch the bowl. It is big...

September 2021 Clever Cat Box

Eyenimal Spin & Treat Ball Watch your cat spring to life when they see how this toy moves. Let your cat enjoy the erratic movements of the ball, mimicking that of wounded prey in the wild. With stop-and-go sequencing, this toy is ideal for allowing your cat to...

September 2021 Clever Canine Box

How to use the My Zen Pet Calming Music Back to school can be a stressful time, especially for dogs that have become accustomed to having us around during the pandemic. Help ease this transition by giving your dog a daily dose of musical calm. Calming music helps to...