1) Meowijuana Get Buzzed Bee

Getting your cat to love this toy will be a ‘beezz’. They will feel like a mighty hunter as they make great leaps to catch the intruder bug. This toy will give you the perfect opportunity to bond and enjoy playtime with your cat. With the added joy of catnip, she might just be ‘bugging’ you to play.

2) Catnip Bubbles

Are you stuck playing with the same old toys with your cat? Have you ever thought about using bubbles? Well now’s your chance! Spice up playtime for your cat and yourself with this unique treat! Infused with catnip, you and your cat are sure to get a kick out of these!

3) Real Fur Balls

These rabbit fur balls with catnip are sure to drive your cat crazy. They might even be up for a fun game of fetch with these soft furry balls.

4) Meowijuana Crunchie Munchie Chicken Treat

Who doesn’t love the satisfying crunch of a good treat!? Give your cat a taste of salmon heaven and a surprise catnip center! Each treat will leave your cat begging for more!