How to use the Surfs Up! Retro Van 

Take a ‘ride’ back to the 1960s with an adorable ‘spin’ on an enrichment classic. This toy may not give your dog flower powers, but it will keep their brain healthy and their souls happy. This Van is guaranteed for all my power chewer pups out there. Made with a durable, synthetic, non-toxic rubber, and dishwasher safe, this toy pulls out all the stops. 

This innovative design allows for larger quantities of treats to be added to this toy.

First Idea: Use this van like you would a Kong! Fill with wet food, yogurt, peanut butter, or any of your dog’s favourite lickable treats! Add additional fruits and vegetables to the inside as an added bonus as they work their way through the snack.

Second Idea: Use as a treat-dispensing toy. Fill with your dog’s kibble or other small treats. The toothed opening is designed to help retain treats, increasing the challenge of accessing the goodies inside!

Third Use: Use like a chew toy. For some dogs the act of chewing down on something is one of the best things in the world! So why not give this toy a whirl. Made with durable, synthesis rubber, this toy is not only safe but satisfaction guaranteed!

Earl The Nutty Squirrel

Will your dog go nutty when they realize they finally have a squirrel your dog can catch? Dog toys are great, but do you ever find your dog is loving a new toy one minute, then never playing with it again? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of expecting out dog to just want to play by themselves, but thats often not the case. Here’s some ideas to bring you out of your funk.

First Idea: Attach additional fabric or rope and use as a tug toy. Dogs often find tug a very fun and reinforcing game. This should be fostered rather than stopped. Tug is a much more personal form of play and bonding as opposed to games of fetch.

Second Idea: Earl the squirrel tether ball! Using a rope with some give or tying to a branch with some give, try playing a game of tetherball with your dog! Starting small, push the toy and get excited when the dog goes for it. Let your dog take the lead on how this game should go. Remember to keep the toy at an appropriate height for your dogs’ size, physical abilities and skill level. Keeping it chin height and lower for puppies and senior dogs.

Third Idea: Instead of a squirrel burying its nuts, why not bury the squirrel!? Using sand, blankets, clothes, leaves or anything else you can think of, encourage your dog to seek out and find his new toy! You may need to help at first, showing the dog what to do and giving lots of encouragement throughout the process. Once the toy has been uncovered, use lots of praise and play to reinforce the value of finding the toy. Start small and always play within your dog’s skill level

Campfire S’more Treats

Keep those campfire vibes coming! Though you may not be allowed an actual fire, your dog won’t know the difference while they are begging for “s’more!” Small and soft treats. perfect for the retro van, or rewarding good behaviour on the go, you can make summer last forever!… At least till the treats are gone anyways.

Vetgies Blueberry Chew

Out with the old and in with the new. Your dog will thank you when they sink their teeth into this cow skin alternative. Your sanity will be saved as they enjoy all the benefits and none of the risks associated with rawhides.

This treat contains no grains or artificial colours, and is recognized for the mental and oral benefits it provides!


Summer means more time outside and away from home, so keeping identification on your dog is essential to their safety. But no one wants those noisy things in the car or the house, so use this clip for fast and easy removal of your dogs tags anywhere, anytime!